Andy Baldwin
​        AEA


I was recently defined as having a contagious love of frivolity by a dear friend. That about sums it up. I love food, cocktails, wine, sports, traveling, celebrating holidays and birthdays with friends, dogs, board games and poker nights.

Theatre wasn't my first passion. As a kid I dreamed of being a fighter pilot and as a teen I thought color commentating professional sports was IT! Theatre, however, became my truest love. 

Although I have frivolous whims, nothing in my work is arbitrary. I have made a career in performing Golden Age Musicals, Vaudeville style performances, and slapstick comedies and farces.

My experience in these styles helped me develop precision in my work in musicals and plays alike, and become a true renaissance character man. After working as a full-time actor in Dallas, Texas I am finally located in the place I've always felt at home, NYC.